Minor Skin Surgery

Skin tags, cysts and fatty lumps are common skin conditions. They are generally harmless and can be left alone. But, they can grow over time and can be annoying and unsightly. The majority of these can be easily removed with local anaesthetics in our mini operating theatre in a “one stop” setting without the need for hospital admission.

Skin cysts

Skin cysts (also called sebaceous cysts and epidermal cysts) are small lumps that form under the skin and filled with a whitish waxy material. They form little bumps under your skin. They are harmless and can be left alone. However, they can become painful with inflammation and infection leading to abscess.

Skin tags

Skin tags (also known as papillomas) are small pieces of skin that appear on the surface of the body. Although harmless, they can be annoying and unsightly. If big enough, they can bleed and catch on clothing

Fatty lumps

Fatty lumps (also known as lipomas) are made of fat. They occur mostly under the skin. They are generally soft and painless. Some can be painful and removal can get rid of the pain.